In reading about the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia this weekend it’s easy to lose heart; to think that the alt-right, the white supremacist, nazis, racists are gaining ground. And it’s easy to get saddened and to want to curl up in a ball and disappear from it all. But, of course, that isn’t the answer. 

I have to constantly remind myself these days that in shining a light on the issues we will be able to address them. Let’s face it, this isn’t new. Racism has been there all along. It was just more hidden and mor insidious that it is today. And systemically, it’s always been there and still is. As a white person I often feel at a loss as to what I can do. I read, educate myself on the issues and don’t stay quiet when I see it happening. But it never feels like enough. I want to rage and fight and attack it. 

I read an article today from Another Round that talks about what we, as white people can do to help. As they say, it isn’t about us, but we do need to be good allies. We need to walk beside, not in front, of people of colour.we need to take our head’s out of the sand and stop being shocked at how prevalent racism is. Because it isn’t new. POC have been living with this for as long as they’ve been ‘integrated’ into societies that are predominantly white. So I will keep learning, keep reading, keep speaking up when appropriate. I have, and probably will continue, to make mistakes along the way. But I will not shy away from the issues. It’s far too important. 

If you’d like to read the article I’ve referred to, here’s the link: How to be a Better Ally

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Sun Salutes are back In my life!

Yesterday I did about 6 sun salutes. It was my first time since having the fistula surgery on June 14. I was pretty sure they would be ok because I’ve been able to get on hands and knees with no discomfort and my arm is feeling pretty strong. I don’t know how many I can handle right now, but just to do a few feels like real progress. Technically, at this point after surgery I’m supposed to working at squeezing a ball to build the strength back up, but I feel that I know my body pretty well and know my limitations. The week after surgery the nurse who checked my strength was pretty amazed so I figured I’d be quick to heal. I’m not where I was, no question, but I’m feeling far more confident that I’ll get there. 

So, sun salutes, if you aren’t aware, are the warm up flow for yoga classes. They’re intense for some, especially if you have trouble getting from standing to a low position and back up in a relatively short time frame. There are ways to modify, of course, and if you do have trouble with them in a yoga class, you should take a modified version so that you don’t injure yourself and can still feel successful in the class. If that’s you I highly recommend asking the teacher for modifications prior to class. One of the most challenging parts of yoga is staying where you are physically capable and ignoring what others are doing. Basically, not judging yourself based on where others are in their journey. Yoga is a very personal practice and it’s one that can be done with various practice levels in the same space. That can be inspirational to some and scary as hell for others. When you are able to let go of what you think the expectations of the class, yourself and your teacher are, you are honouring your own spirit and your body. It’s then that ‘yoga’ starts happening.

If you’d like to learn a bit more about sun salutes, visit my entry on them here. This is the sequence for Surya namaskar (sun salutes) A:

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