It’s a date!

I got word today that the date of my kidney transplant is set. It’s in a very short two and a half weeks! Hard to believe after all this time of waiting and wondering that it’s going to happen. It’s been almost a year and a half since my donor/guardian angel first went in to be tested. It’s quite the process to make sure that she is healthy enough to do this and won’t be compromised by it. It’s a comfort to me that they take such care with living donors.

It was a bit emotional to hear the news today. I was on dialysis at the time and the transplant coordinator, who is a lovely person, came by to give me the letter. She seemed so pleased as did the nurse practitioner who I’ve been working with for about 15 years. The nurse practitioner will no longer be involved after the transplant but said she would come see me in the hospital if I gave her permission, which of course I did.

One of my first thoughts was to let my mom know. It’s funny because since she passed away a little over a year ago I haven’t once had a moment of I need to tell mom, or I have to call mom. Today was the first time. She would have been so happy and so proud that her niece was donating. She also would have been worried for both of us I’m sure. But she would remind me of the positive energy surrounding us both and would be sending us healing and more love than we could contain.

So now, we both need to work out the logistics. People are taking time off to be with us. Commitments need to be taken care of and arrangements made for kids and pets. And then the next chapter will begin. I have a feeling this will be one of those times in life that has a clear separation. Like when I quit drinking, I always think about before and after quitting. Now, will everything have a reference point to before and after transplant? It’s a pretty big event in life, so it likely will.

The countdown is on: there are only 2 more Thursday evening restora-Thai classes before; there are only 3 more Monday evening yoga-Pilates classes before; there are only 7 dialysis appointments before. And, of course, there are many moments of being present and to be grateful for this generous and loving gift I’m about to receive.


About Reena Davis

I am a Health and Life Coach, Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner and Certified Yoga and Fitness Teacher as well as a student of all things spiritual.
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8 Responses to It’s a date!

  1. Carmen Purdy says:


  2. robertlfs says:

    Congratulations!! Interesting too on the life changing event. I too have always viewed getting sober as a big line in the sand in terms of before and after. My cancer diagnosis was another. I suspect in part this has to do with getting a new lease on life, as it were.

    Best wishes as you prepare for the big event!

  3. K E Garland says:

    YAAAY Reena! I’m sooo happy for you. Wishing you nothing but success as you move through this transition.

  4. Val Boyko says:

    Wonderful news Reena 💕

  5. Christine says:

    So Happy for you Reena. Thinking of you- Big Hugs

  6. karaseksrus says:

    Awesome news Reena! So happy for you. WISHing you and your donor a speedy recovery from surgery. Xo

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