Sukhasana ~ Easy Seated Pose

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The third stress relieving pose I’d like to share with you is sukhasana, easy seat. For some this pose may not seem like much, but if you take it, close your eyes and extend your spine you’re able to focus more fully on the breath and the prana (life energy) can flow through the body more fully. By crossing the legs and taking a mudra (any will do) you keep the prana moving within your body without escaping. This helps you to heal yourself, gain energy, centre and ground.

To take sukhasana, sit comfortably either directly on the floor or on a prop to help elevate the hips (folded blankets or towels, bolsters and blocks all work. Find whatever has a good height for you). Fold one foot at a time towards the opposite sitting bone. When in this seat you should have the foot sitting under the opposite shin on both sides and when looking down you should see a triangle. Expand your spine as if making space through every vertebra. Settle your shoulders over your hips and then your ears over your shoulders in an effort to relax the neck. Take deep breaths as you settle your leg bones and pelvis heavily into the cushion or floor. Allow your body to relax.

To further your relaxation experience try adding a mudra as mentioned above or bhandas (locks in the body) to further connect with the prana. You can also meditate while in this seated pose.

Have a very happy holiday and a happy new year! And remember – relax 🙂


About Reena Davis

I am a certified yoga teacher and a student of all things spiritual.
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2 Responses to Sukhasana ~ Easy Seated Pose

  1. Maia says:

    A great pose to sit still and relax =)
    It’s sad when a lot of folks find difficulty sitting up, isn’t it? All the more they need to do it!!
    Happy Christmas, Reena! xoxo

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