Change can be hard. One of the reasons it can be difficult is the need to look at the dark parts within. It can be painful to acknowledge our own shadows. But when we do, our world can open up for us. By shining a light on that which is hidden we are able to let it go. In the letting go we grow stronger and gain more self-worth.


About Reena Davis

I am a Neurolinguistic Programming Master Practitioner, Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner and Certified Yoga Teacher as well as a student of all things spiritual.
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4 Responses to Change

  1. Maia says:

    “Every human being has a shadow; if you don’t have a shadow it means you’re not standing in the light. “ ~ Deepak Chopra

    But sunblock and sunglasses are fine 😉

  2. when a good thing goes bad it’s not the end of the world

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