Pratyahara in Everyday Life

I have an article published in the issue of Canadian Yogi that came out today. You can red it here:



About Reena Davis

I am a Health and Life Coach, Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner and Certified Yoga and Fitness Teacher as well as a student of all things spiritual.
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2 Responses to Pratyahara in Everyday Life

  1. Maia says:

    I love the article, Reena!! I call my Pratyahara as my spaced-out moments. And it happens about anywhere, anytime when the mind comes to be still… until someone shakes me off my zone. And they ask what I was thinking? Give them a blank look and responds: ‘Wasn’t even thinking at all!”

    I find that when I don’t try too hard to be still, it is actually when I become still. Is that weird? My meditation is not at its prime… yet. I still need to move, my meditative movements. Whether yoga or Tai Chi.

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