Barriers to love

About Reena Davis

I am a certified yoga teacher and a student of all things spiritual.
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6 Responses to Barriers to love

  1. alohaleya says:

    thank you for the reminder. this is one of my all-time favourite quotes. it always comes back to love…but it can be so easy to forget. namaste, aleya

  2. Maia says:

    Rumi always has the right words to say… that comes whacking you on the head for thinking otherwise. Namaste, Reena. =)

  3. Reblogged this on Teacher as Transformer and commented:
    This is a beautiful quote from Rumi. What barriers have I built that prevent love from showing up? What can I do to take the barriers down?

  4. russtowne says:

    Thank you for the excellent reminder!

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