Create Yourself!

We create ourselves in every moment. The decisions that we make, the thoughts we have, the intentions we have all become who we are. If we don’t like who we are, we are able to change it. Once the decision about who we wish to be is clear, the becoming is effortless.

What version of you are you going to create today?

About Reena Davis

I am a certified yoga teacher and a student of all things spiritual.
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8 Responses to Create Yourself!

  1. Jason Frost says:

    beautiful soul… good to connect with you. aloha ~ jason

  2. brettbatten says:

    I have at times tried to find myself. I find most success when I open my eyes for there I am.

  3. amoonfull says:

    I don’t think I have ever looked for myself. I’m right here! hehe 🙂
    But I have sought my highest purpose, and in doing, i am recreating myself. I never thought about it in that way. Great post.

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