Happy Earth Day


On Earth Day I invite you to meditate on healing our planet. Sitting quietly in a comfortable position, bring to mind the image of someone you love deeply. Focus on the feeling of loving this person (you could also use a pet or something else that brings this feeling). Perhaps there is a peaceful feeling, a calm, a deep bliss. As you sit with this feeling, try to expand it to other beings in your life. Continue to grow this feeling until you visualize this feeling of love surrounding the earth. For some, a visualization of hugging the earth is helpful; for others imaging wrapping the earth in a white, pink or blue light helps. Use any imagery that may help you to spread love to our world.

If you are not comfortable with meditation here are a couple of links that may help you get started:

Stilling the monkey mind

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness: Getting Started


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No Attachments

If you don’t understand this joke, visit my blog post on detachment.

Happy Friday everyone!


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