Lojong Slogan 30: Don’t Be So Predictable

This is part 30 of my series on Lojong, a Buddhist mind training technique

This slogan asks that we have a look at our automatic reactions so that we can be mindful of what has simply become habitual. Habits are just that, they can be broken, modified, curbed.

We tend to go about our days on automatic pilot; when someone brings harm to us we react a certain way and perhaps hold a grudge for a long time out of habit; when someone praises us we react by feeling a certain way (some of us feel good, others not really); when encountering stress we react in predictable ways. When we aim to break these programmed ways of being, end these automatic responses, we are practicing mindfulness as taught with this slogan. By becoming less predictable and deciding how to react we begin to live in the present moment instead of allowing our past to dictate where we are or how we are in the world. It allows us to detach from the ego centered mind and open our eyes to a new way of being; a way of freedom.


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Happiness is…

Happiness isMost people, not all surprisingly, want to be happy. A big part of allowing happiness into our lives is to ensure that your actions and thoughts are aligned. When we dismiss our own belief system and go with what the majority seems to think we can’t possibly be happy. We may even feel shame at perceiving ourselves to be weak. If this happens, forgive yourself each day and start anew. It’s never too late to find this type of harmony. Sometimes we feel that when we have behaved in a certain way for so long or in a specific environment we can’t spring a new way of being on others. However, people’s expectations are their business and not something that you need to adhere to. In every moment of every day you are granted the gift of choosing to realign to your natural rhythms, to drop your own expectations and to allow yourself the happiness and bliss that you so deserve.

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